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Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control Program

Bed bug can infiltrate your space by any means and from anywhere. They are very good at hiding and their best places to hide are luggage and personal belongings. Once the bed bugs enter your home, it becomes very difficult to get rid of them without the help of experienced pest control services. To escape from heavy costs of bed bug infestations, you need to catch them as soon as possible.

You can remove bed bugs from your house by doing the following:

  • To find bed bugs easily, you will have to remove all the clutter out of your home
  • To make it difficult for the bed bugs to survive, wash and dry all the bed linens in the hottest temperature
  • To make sure you don’t bring bed bugs along with the furniture in your home, you should closely inspect it
  • To prevent infestations, you should inspect your home after vacation trips

Bed bugs multiply very fast. The chance of larger infestation is thus, too high. To prevent this from happening, early detection is very important. At Pest In The City we inspect your home, implement solutions, and monitor any bed bugs problems that your home could face in the future.


When you have spotted evidence of bed bugs or want to protect your home against them, Pest In The City professional will come to your doorstep. Our professional will carry out a thorough inspection of your home. As bed bugs are very good at hiding, it becomes difficult to easily locate their hiding places. But, don’t fret, our professionals are well trained to find the evidence if they are around.

On the very first visit to your home, our professional will inspect the entire home including the furniture, bed, linens, and rugs. The professional may use tools to inspect any cracks and crevices as they are the most targeted areas.

Pest In The City professional will start the inspection process from your bedroom and then go on to inspecting other areas of your home. The professional will search for signs that include living or dead bed bugs, small spots of reddish-black feces, tiny-cream colored eggs, etc.


Once the Pest In The City professional is done with the inspection of your home, a best course of action will be recommended for your home. This bed bug control plan will be tailored based on your preferences and the severity of the infestation.

We make use of the best pesticides that do not cause any harm to the environment and health of your family members. The pesticides we use will target not only the bed bugs but also the bed bug larvae. This will prevent them from maturing into biting and breeding.


Eliminating bed bugs from your home is not so easy. Pest In The City professionals will, therefore, perform a follow-up visit to ensure that the treatment that was performed has been effective. If not, other ways of eliminating bed bugs will be considered. Also, our professionals document the visit and recommend various prevention steps that can be taken to ensure that your home is getting the best possible service.

Pest In The City understands how difficult it is to live with bed bug problems in your home. We, therefore, provide the best bed bug control service to the satisfaction of our clients.