Pest in the city provides a wide range of services to the greater Edmonton area, including a mix of residential. commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.With over 20 years of experience in integrated Pest Management methods to help you rid your home or business of rodents, ants, bed bugs, and a whole host of other unwanted visitors.
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Bird Control

Bird Control

Bird nesting material and droppings can spread a lot of contamination. The bird droppings could also corrode, stain, and damage the building materials. Plus, droppings on sidewalks could create a risk of slips and falls. If there are bird nests located near the lights or electrical equipment, there can be a possibility of fire hazard. Bird nests around food production and warehouses can lead to the contamination of food products and equipment. Their nests could clog the drains and affect the water drainage, which in turn would act as a harborage for insects such as bird mites. Therefore, bird control becomes very important. You should not hesitate to contact us as we can help in installing and maintaining a wide variety bird management systems.

Bird proofing is a difficult task. Their high nests and mobility become a big challenge for many homes and offices to deal with. The best way to control birds is by blocking various vacant spaces so that they cannot land and nest on or around your home and building. Habitat modification is the best long-term solution to control birds. Pest In The City’s Pest Control program begins with a comprehensive inspection and based on the inspection results, we will identify the type of bird pests and select the most effective bird control method.

Pest In The City Pest Control also includes certain other methods of bird exclusion. These methods include the installation of exclusion devices on surfaces that are used by the bird pests for roosting. They also use bird screening to deny access to bird nesting and roosting sites. Our pest control professionals make use of products and techniques that are effective and efficient to the targeted birds.

Our Pest Control professionals have a lot of experience in installing and maintaining the bird management systems. They will help you in preventing the bird pests from perching on ledges, nesting, and causing other damages to your homes and buildings.

We have government-licensed technicians who use the state-of-the-art bird management systems to keep the birds from nesting, perching, and entering your home, office, and any other part of your building structure. We offer cost-effective and tailored bird control or bird proofing solutions. If birds such as Starlings, Pigeons, or crows have become a problem in your home or building, contact Pest In The City to develop a bird control program that is specifically tailored for your business or home.