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How To Keep Skunks Away From Your House And Yard

skunks away from your house

We all love the character of French skunk Pepe le pew from Looney Toons. Wooing his cat friend Penelope. Always searching for romance. The 90’s kids will be having fond memories of this show.

Yet in reality, we are not so fond of skunks. Some of us may have faced the wrath of the foul skunk spray!

Skunks are known to spray foul-smelling liquid in their defense on its attacker. It can cause sickness. If infected, they can also cause rabies.

Have a problem of skunks visiting your yard? This is a pest problem that must be breaking your head.

Stop that skunk attack by simply following these easy tricks!

Remove the sources of skunk food

Skunks are scavengers, so they’ll eat anything nutritious they can find. They munch on fruits and berries growing in your yard. They also eat garbage like egg shells and vegetable peels. So, throw your garbage in a closed container and harvest ripe fruits and berries as soon as you can.

skunks away from your house

Close off the hiding places

Skunks like to make their homes under decks, porches, and other sheltered areas. Close off spaces that may be appealing to skunks. You can use rocks, logs or plywood. Large bushes are also good hiding spots for skunks. So regularly trim those bushes.

skunks away from your house3

Use skunk repellent

Use pepper sprays or citrus to keep skunks away from your house. Ammonia is also effective in repelling skunks.

skunks away from your house

Use of bright light

As skunks are nocturnal animals, they detest bright light. If you light your yard at night, it will be less appealing to the skunks.

skunks away from your house5

Using traps

With the help of baits, a skunk is lured into the spring-loaded trap and then the door closes behind them, blocking their escape. The skunk can now be safely carried away from your property and set free in the woods. Peanut butter, canned fish or cat food can be used as baits.

skunks away from your house

Remember to wear thick gloves and jacket when you leave them in wild. Do not forget to cover your face.

Lastly, skunks are harmless animals. They’re always just in search of food. Do not harm them. Instead, you can call Pest in the City trained technicians to capture them and take them away.

A resident of California Kyle shared his skunk tale! Kyle found a skunk and decided to photograph her. However, the flash and noise of the camera scared the skunk. The next thing Kyle knew was that the skunk had spun around and pointed her butt at him. The skunk sprayed him. For two minutes, felt like he couldn’t breathe; he was gagging and his eyes burned terribly.

Quite a story! Let’s hope this doesn’t happen with you. Skunk are creatures that should be treated with care. If your home is constantly visited by a skunk, your best option is to call the pest control experts in Edmonton.