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How to control your mice

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To deal with mice problems could be a difficult task. The process starts from identifying the mouse to making the right choice of control measures, and to actually executing the prevention methods properly. Doing a DIY pest control could be really challenging and often as expensive if not more than in professional pest control services. In order to make this task less challenging and easy, here are some tips by the professional pest control services in Edmonton.

Prevention comes first

  • Eliminate the pest’s sources of food, water, and shelter
  • Store food properly in sealed plastic bags or glass containers
  • Get rid of garbage from your home regularly
  • The garbage having food scraps has to be put in trash cans that are packed tightly
  • Do not keep the pet food and water outside your home overnight
  • Fix any leaky plumbing fixtures so that there is no water accumulated in your home
  • Do not allow water to collect in the trays that are under your house plants
  • Get rid of all the clutter as it will make place for pests to breed and hide
  • Cover up all the holes with wire mesh
  • Look out for pests in boxes and packages before you bring them home

 The pest in the city pest control aproach

  • Identify the rodents you are dealing with before you try to tackle the problem
  • Find the entry points to prevent an ongoing infestation and seal with apropriate materials.
  • Apply rodent control devices in places where the pets and children will not be able to reach.
  • Follow up as needed until problem is completely resolved.
  • Thank customer for supporting local.

If you are unable to identify the type of pests or completely resolve your problem you should promptly get in touch with the professional pest control services in Edmonton, as not treating the pests with proper procedure and due diligence could make the problem even worse.