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One of the most common pests to be found in and around homes are Ants. They have a wide variety of food preferences and nesting habits. Some ants nest in moisture damaged or decaying wood, while the others nest in homes behind baseboards, moldings, countertops, and similar areas. And some ants build nests in soil.

Ants feed on various types of food, including starches, fats, meats, and sweets. Some ants also feed on honeydew. In order to control the ant colonies, knowledge of their nesting and food preferences is very important.

Different types of ants can lead to different types of damage. Most of the ants are primarily a nuisance and cause minimal damage. Some ants, such as carpenter ants are capable of weakening wooden structures. Others, like Pharaoh ants may infest food. Often there are no diseases linked with ants. However, in hospitals, the Pharaoh ants could transmit disease organisms, like Staphylococcus.

To prevent the damage caused to your food and home structures, eliminating the pest ants is a must. Pest In The City provides professional pest control services with the help of which you can easily keep ants from your property.

Pest In The City Ant Control Methods Include:


At first our professionals come to your home to inspect the ant problem. Once they know what type of ant’s are present, it becomes easier for them to determine the food preference, and nesting site. This way, they can also determine the best method of management. Most often our professionals try to locate and treat the nest. This is one of the most effective solutions.

Non chemical methods

Our professionals have great training and experience in pest management. They do not make use of harsh chemicals at all times. At places where non-chemical approach could solve the problem, our professionals will use that to control ants’ infestation.


Our professionals know that the pest control methods which have to be used on the outside of the house are very different from the ones that are used inside the house. They cannot use the same pest control methods in the interiors as well as the exteriors. Most ants enter houses from outside nests in search of food. The professional technicians have proper knowledge about the type of products that are to be used in the exterior lawns. They also know which product to use for treating the perimeter of building exteriors. The outdoor ants can be difficult to eliminate without using chemicals. Our professionals have the best solutions to deal with both, the indoor as well as outdoor ant problem.


Using harsh chemicals indoors can be very risky. Our professional technicians will make use of the products that are labelled for use inside homes. They also have other methods of dealing with the indoor ant problems.