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Not everyone knows what bed bugs look like. They have a flat oval body with six legs, and an adult can grow about the size of an apple seed. They appear reddish-brown in color and tend to become swollen after a blood meal.

The reason they are termed as ‘bed’ bugs is because these pests love to hang out in and around the bed. They only feed on blood. Bed bugs can survive up to a year without a meal under cool conditions. They are more active and usually attack the host at night.

These blood sucking bugs can be found in cracks and crevices, picture frames and electrical outlets. Their flat bodies enable them to easily hide in seams of mattresses, bed frames, headboards, and other bedroom furniture, behind wallpaper, in clothing, backpacks, luggage, or any other household clutter.

Bed bugs can easily infiltrate hotel rooms, as they travel from room to room in visitor’s luggage or other personal belongings such backpacks, briefcases, and purses. In addition, one can easily pick up bed bugs almost from anywhere - offices, stores, trains, busses, hotels, gyms, etc.

Once they enter your bed, they can be very difficult and annoying to control without the help of an experienced pest control specialist. To catch and control them at the earliest is the best option, as they can multiply quickly.

Bed bugs are not considered a public health hazard as they do not transmit diseases. However, their bites cause itching, and to deal with their infestation can cause insomnia and anxiety. Bites can trigger a serious allergic reaction in some cases, but this is quite rare.

Pest In The City Bed Bug Treatment Methods include:

Thorough inspection is very much essential. Although bed bugs are usually in or around the bed, our trained technicians are aware of various other places where they can hide. Hence, we educate our clients about their whereabouts, behaviors and provide them tips to keep them away.

Our trained technicians use different methods:

  • To properly identify and detect the different areas infested by bed bugs, which includes bed, furniture, linens and rugs
  • To thoroughly prepare for treatment once a bed infestation has been confirmed
  • To physically remove bed bugs, our professional technicians make use of hepa vacuums
  • To catch migrating bed bugs and monitor control effects, climbup interceptor traps are used, which are sometimes called as pitfall traps for bed bugs
  • To protect your investment, we have mattress and box spring encasements, which will help prevent future bed bug infestations
  • To destroy bed bug eggs, steam is used (as most pesticides do not destroy bed bug eggs)
  • To verify if the controlling and monitoring efforts are successful, our trained technicians conduct post treatment evaluations to follow up