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The size of carpet beetles is 1-4 mm. They have an oval shaped body and have black, white and yellow coloration. Some species of these beetles also tend to have orange coloration. Larvae are black to light brown in color and are covered in hair. They are a little larger than the adults.

The adult carpet beetles feed on pollen of the flowers. Larvae feed on a variety of plant and animal-based material which includes hair, dead insects, carcasses, processed foods and stored grains. Larvae are often found near the food source. The adult carpet beetles are active in the day and are attracted to light in the nights.

Carpet beetles infest carpets, blankets, comforters, coats, pillows, wool, clothing, and upholstered furniture. Generally, carpet beetles do not attack the synthetic fibers but when these items are soiled by perspiration, food and soil, they may feed on them too. The carpet beetle infestations spread quickly.

The entry points for carpet beetles in homes are doors, windows, and other openings. They can also be brought in on flowers and cut plants. Some carpet beetles take shelter inside the nests of birds, and can live in chimneys or walls.

They cause damage to furnishings, human clothing, and other items. Although they move slowly, they are capable of infesting entire homes and causing severe damage within weeks. They also damage the ornamental flora having light petals.

The adult carpet beetles as well as larvae choose to feed in the dark and silent areas. The identification of an infestation thus becomes very difficult. One comes to know about the infestation only when it has spread widely. The treatment then has to be left on the professional pest control services.

Picking any random pest control service is not a great idea. Pest in the city has trained and experienced professionals who are qualified to solve any infestation problems quickly and easily.

To get help in controlling carpet beetles and any other pests, you must call Pest in the city professionals. Our trained and experienced professionals will come to your doorstep at the earliest to inspect the problem and help you get rid of it.

Pest In The City Carpet Beetle Control Methods Include:

As the infestations are difficult to locate, our professionals make use of advanced technology to spot the infestation areas. They use various methods:

  • To inspect the area – At first, our professionals will come to your place and inspect the whole space
  • To create documentation – All the findings will be noted in order to deliver best tailored service
  • To make a plan – the professional will list down a customized plan for eliminating the infestation from your home
  • To use best control strategy – Our professionals will do a thorough vacuuming of the infested spaces
  • To eliminate entry points – Pest in the city professionals will ensure that your doors and windows are secured and that they do not leave any space for carpet beetles to enter in once closed