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Pigeons are birds with short legs and small heads. They have a dark grey and blue head with markings along their neck and wing feathers. Generally, two dark bands are seen on the wings and a single dark band along its tail. There is a lot of color variation associated with this bird.

Pigeons bob their heads forward and backward when they walk or run. They feed by early afternoon and return to their nests or any other protected areas to cover themselves in the night. Pigeons make use of the same nest again and again. They are not bothered about cleanliness.

Often, pigeons gather in flocks to eat. When disturbed, the flock flies into the air and circle around several times before coming back and feeding again. These birds are most commonly found in towns and cities but, they also make nests in farm buildings.

Although pigeons prefer seeds and fruits, they will eat any food item that they spot lying on the ground. The ones that are found in cities usually feed on bread, popcorn, peanuts, cake, and every other food item that the humans drop by.

Pigeons carry with them many diseases that can affect the humans and their pets. Some diseases can be dangerous if not treated at the earliest. These birds often perch on the ledges around buildings and on the edges of the balconies. This gives them great opportunity to drop their feces on the property and people below.

Pigeons are bird pests that are not only irritating but also have the potential of causing deadly diseases in humans and pets. If you have pigeon problem at your home, you should not leave it unaddressed. Our professionals would love to help you get rid of them. It is not a difficult challenge for them at all. Pest in the city professionals are aware of the best methods to prevent and control pigeons.

Pest In The City Pigeon Control Methods Include:

Pigeons are considered to be one of the most serious pest animals. They are too annoying and have the potential of disease transmission. Pigeons are linked with buildings and other sheltered places. To get rid of them, you need to get in touch with our bird control professionals. They have great expertise in helping people keep the pigeons and other bird pests away from their homes.

Here are the methods that our bird control professionals follow:

  • To eliminate food sources – Our professionals will work along with you to eliminate all the food sources
  • To eliminate nesting sites – Pest in the city professionals will help you to repair and seal any damages to the exterior of your buildings as this is the perfect nesting spot for pigeons
  • To deter them – Our professionals suggest adding deterrents by placing fake statues of predatory birds near the ledges to deter the pigeons
  • To create unwelcome environment – The professionals at Pest in the city will recommend water spray which will help in scaring them away