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Skunks possess the potential of producing strong odors. This smell is caused by the liquid that they spray. They are most commonly known for their robust smell however, the liquid that they spray is a chemical that can cause a lot of discomfort if it enters into the eyes of humans and animals. Different types of skunks have different appearances too. Their colors range from black to brown and from cream to white. All the skunks are striped. Some of them have stripes on their legs as well.

Skunks change their diet with the changing seasons. Most commonly they eat roots, berries, nuts and fungi. They also look out for the garbage left by humans. They are known to dig holes in lawns in search of worms.

In the day time, skunks shelter in the burrows that they dig themselves using their front claws. They have a bad vision, but they do have strong hearing and smelling senses. Although the estimated life span of skunks is 7 years, most of the skunks live only for a year.

Skunks use their strong odor as a weapon against potential attackers. They can make use of this weapon only five to six times as it takes a minimum of 10 days for them to produce this liquid again. Skunks do not bite humans but when the liquid spray is over, it can bite as well. When these skunks bite, they are known to spread the rabies virus. Thus, they possess a great health risk.

Skunks are easy to be identified as they have distinct markings on their bodies. This makes recognition and avoidance very easy. Apart from their appearance, another great indicator of skunks is the foraging damage that they cause. They dig furrows in the lawns for shelter or tear open the garbage bags to search for food.

Pest In The City Skunk Control Methods Include:

The idea of controlling skunks would be unpleasant for you. This is a task that only the professionals with a lot of training and experience can do. Only the professionals at Pest in the city know how to control the skunks in order to restrain the damage they can do. When you suspect skunk infestation in your home or building you should call us immediately.

We will do the following to prevent and control the skunk problem using various methods:

  • To inspect the property – Our professionals will first come and inspect the whole area
  • To make documentation – On inspecting the spaces of your property, our professionals will note the high risk areas and problems
  • To make a plan – every skunk infestation can be different. Our professionals will make a tailored plan to suit your home needs.
  • To trap the skunks – Trapping is the best skunk control solution
  • To clean the area – Our professionals recommend cleaning up the areas of your property to keep the skunks away