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Wasps vary tremendously based on their species. Most wasps have a pinched waist and two pairs of wings. They vary in size from microscopic to some few centimeters long. They also have different color shades of black, blue, and green.

Some wasps buzz angrily in groups and create a threat with their painful stings. But majority of the wasps are actually the non-stinging varieties. However, all of them build nests. To build nests, wasps create papery abodes out of the wood fibers that they scrape with their hard mandibles.

Often wasps gain entry through the openings in your homes and buildings. It is very important to secure these openings in order to keep the wasps from getting into your home. Efficient sealing of the entry points is essential to keep wasps and other pests away.

Generally, wasps come inside your home because they are in search of food. Another reason for them to get into your home is they find a nesting site. They build their nests either inside the house or on the openings that lead inside the house. Homes are great places for wasps to hibernate.

Wasp infestations could become a critical stinging episode. There are many allergies that can be associated with the stings. The ceiling and wallboard could be damaged because of their nest construction.

Our exclusion technique will make it difficult for the wasps to get an entry into your home or building. This will encourage you to keep the space in and around your home or business clean at all times.

Wasps tend to attack in large numbers if their nest is disturbed. It is, therefore, very much essential for you to leave the task on us. We have trained and experienced professionals who are the best in such tasks. We offer convenient and safe solutions to eliminate the wasp problem quickly. Make sure you do not delay to call Pest In The City professionals because if you let one wasp build its nest, there are chances that the number may drastically increase.

Pest In The City Wasp Control Methods Include:

Pest In The City employs a variety of effective and efficient methods for wasp prevention and control. Our pest control methods include:

  • To inspect the area - Our professional technicians will first come and inspect your property
  • To create documentation - All the inspection details will be noted down for maintaining the problems and pest control progress records
  • To make a plan – Our professionals will make a tailored pest control plan for your home
  • To use best methods - Our professionals will make use of light modification, traps, pesticides, and physical removal techniques
  • To eliminate suitable sites - We will help you in eliminating the sites that are favorable for the wasps to nest
  • To educate the homeowner - Professionals at Pest In The City will educate you about the behavior, diet, and habitat of wasps