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Waste Removal

Rodent Waste & Contamination Removal

House mouse, Mus musculus, Midlands, UK

House mouse, Mus musculus, Midlands, UK

For rodent waste removal, you have to get in touch with our professional services. At Pest In The City, we offer all types of pest control services and make sure that similar pest or rodent problems do not take place after the treatment.

Our professional technicians will thoroughly disinfect all the surfaces that have come in contact with mice or their droppings. You must ensure not to move or clean the rodent feces by yourself, as dust particles may spread the germs in the air. Also, vacuuming or sweeping out these materials might further lead to the release of harmful airborne particles.

Our trained technicians will carefully pick up the mouse droppings and dispose them with the help of sturdy non absorbent gloves. They also wear a respirator having functioning cartridges because rodents carry viruses, bacteria, and other harmful diseases. The clothes that are worn while cleaning the rodent waste are supposed to be thrown away as they might get infected in the process of cleaning.

Although deer mice are the main transmitters of Hantavirus, rodents such as cotton rats, white-footed rats, and rice rats are the carriers. This virus is harmful and can also be fatal. It is found in the urine, feces, and saliva of the deer mouse. This virus is transmitted to human beings through airborne particles. The symptoms of Hantavirus are very similar to common flu. One has to quickly seek medical attention, when the symptoms of this virus are identified.

Mouse droppings are approximately the size of a grain of rice and are spindle-shaped. Most of the mouse species transmit viruses, bacteria, and diseases through their feces, urine, and saliva.

Pest In The City technicians are well experienced and they would not make use of vacuuming or sweeping methods for rodent waste removal as it can lead to the release of some more airborne virus particles. Our professionals will also ask you to dispose any cloth or towel that has come in contact with the droppings or the infested surfaces in the house. The gloves used while cleaning will also be disposed after doing the task.

This is not all. Our professionals will place all the contaminated material in a plastic trash bag and seal it tightly. The plastic bag will then be sealed inside another plastic bag to ensure safety. Pest In The city professionals will ask you to dispose off the trash in outdoor garbage bins. After all this is done, the cleaned area has to be exposed to fresh air and sunshine for few hours.

As rodent waste removal can be challenging and dangerous than it seems to be, you must not attempt to do it by yourself. Instead, you must contact Pest In The City technicians, as we have the relevant expertise and experience to do this work efficiently and effectively.