Pest in the city provides a wide range of services to the greater Edmonton area, including a mix of residential. commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.With over 20 years of experience in integrated Pest Management methods to help you rid your home or business of rodents, ants, bed bugs, and a whole host of other unwanted visitors.
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Our pest control services are beneficial for homeowners as well as businesses. We help in controlling the infestation of various insects, rodents and birds.

Pests damage your structures and can even spread harmful diseases. Our Pest Management Program can help you control and prevent bed bugs, rodents, ants, gophers, skunks, birds, wasps, carpet beetles and cockroaches from thriving in your homes and offices. We make use of the best pest controlling techniques and products that are not harmful for you or the environment.

If you’re unable to identify the types of pests damaging or contaminating your residential or commercial space, then you should call us immediately. We’ll conduct:

Thorough Inspection:

First, our professional technicians from Pest In the City will come to your property and thoroughly inspect the affected areas using various state-of-the-art equipment. This way they’ll be able to identify high risk areas such as entry points, leaks, and cracks. The first inspection should take about 30-45 mins or an hour depending on the size of your property. Once the inspection is done, you will be informed about the kind of pest problems you’re encountering or the pest problems which can take place in the near future.

Thorough Research and Scientific Solutions:

We make use of the best tools and scientific solutions to get to the root of the problem. This helps us effectively and efficiently take requisite actions to eradicate the pest problem. We believe that it’s important to know the different types of bugs in order to get rid of them properly

Our trained technicians know how to control and prevent pest. Our team of professional technicians constantly conduct researches to develop new methods to solve the pest problems in the best possible ways. s from contaminating and infesting your property. They specialize in providing reactive as well as proactive and preventative pest control services. After thoroughly inspecting the affected and surrounding areas, our trained professionals determine the type of treatment required based on the severity of infestation. Depending on the type of pest infestation, they know whether they should use traps, fumigators, pest disinfectants, or chemical-free heat treatment methods to get rid of different types of pests.