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Top 20 Ways To Prevent Or Keep Bed Bugs Away

keep bed bugs away

Bed bugs can be really creepy. These pests not only invade houses and hotels but they even latch onto suitcases, furniture, and other comfortable surfaces. Once you have bed bug infestations in your home, it will be very difficult for you to get rid of them. One of the best ways to keep bedbugs away from your home is preventing them from getting in.

Here are some useful tips to help keep bedbugs away:

  • Do not pick up any items that have been left on the streets. They must be lying there because they have been infested with bed bugs.
  • When you spend any time in a place that could be infected with bed bugs, you need to take precautions when you get back home
  • Regularly have your home inspected for bed bugs. This inspection could start from inspecting your own bed every time you go to sleep.
  • You can do a lot of things during renovation in order to prevent bedbugs from spreading
  • Eliminate the hiding places on your bed. You can do this by encasing your mattresses. Enclose your mattress in a bed bug proof cover so that they don’t get infested and have to be thrown away eventually.
  • Check your room when traveling and take precautions when you return home
  • When shopping for clothes, you will have to carefully inspect the seams and hems
  • Remove all the clutter like that of newspapers, magazines, and books as they can act as hiding places for the bed bugs
  • Store food items in plastic bags and glass containers
  • Discard the contents of your vacuum cleaner outside your home
  • Wash all the clothes and inspect the luggage when you return from a trip
  • Before getting used furniture in your home, you will have to inspect it properly
  • Do not bring the discarded mattresses, frames, box springs, or upholstered furniture in your home
  • Dry your clothes with the use of dryers
  • Regularly inspect the places where your pets sleep
  • Having low temperatures for long periods of time can be useful to prevent bed bugs
  • Kill bed bugs with the help of heat
  • Regularly wash and dry your blankets, bedsheets, bedspreads, and any other fabric that touches the floor
  • Make use of spray cans occasionally
  • Contact the pest control services in Edmonton

If you follow the steps that are mentioned above, you will be able to keep bedbugs away. Apart from these steps, you should take regular pest control services in account. Getting your home inspected and maintained by the professionals from time to time will prevent bed bugs and save you a lot of money in the long run.