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Why You Can’t Neglect Ants

Managing ant infestations in Victoria is crucial for maintaining a clean and organized living space. While ants play beneficial roles in nature, such as aiding in soil aeration and the decomposition of organic matter, their presence indoors or in large numbers can become a nuisance. Ants are drawn to food sources and can contaminate stored items, posing potential health risks. Additionally, certain species, like carpenter ants in Victoria, can cause structural damage by nesting in walls or wooden structures. To prevent food contamination, protect property, and ensure a clean and comfortable living environment, address ant infestations promptly. It can get achieved through proper sanitation practices, sealing entry points, and hiring environmentally friendly pest control services from Pest in the City Pest Control.

A Thorough, Customized, and Safe Approach


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Step 1: Inspection and Identification of Ant Infestation

Initially, our skilled team performs a comprehensive inspection of your Victoria property to determine the specific type of ant infestation. For regular cornfield ants, we apply permethrin spray and organic dust in cracks and crevices, occasionally using bait for enhanced effectiveness. When dealing with carpenter ants, our approach includes permethrin sprays, bait, and dust in cracks, pipe chases, and electrical outlets. Additionally, we fog attics and crawl spaces to ensure thorough treatment. This critical step allows us to choose the most suitable and effective treatment method, ensuring optimal ant control for your Victoria property.

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Step 2: Applying Exterior Spray and Personalized Treatment

Depending on what we have found in the inspection, our professional ant exterminators craft a personalized treatment plan to deal with specific ant species and eliminate the infestation from your property. At Pest in the City Pest Control, our plan covers precisely applying permethrin spray, bait, and organic dust as needed. Besides, our professionals use exterior sprays to make a protective barrier around your residential or commercial property in Victoria. However, this spray gives a six-month limited warranty to offer long-lasting results for ant control in Victoria.

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Step 3: Proper Preparation and Maintaining Safety Guidelines

Preparation is key to a successful ant control treatment in Victoria. Picking up small articles around the baseboards, decluttering the space, or clearing underneath all sinks can work for regular ant control. If it fails, we can use bait as an alternative (but remember, it may take 4 to 6 weeks to be effective). But you cannot deal with carpenter ants with these methods. These require additional preparation like removing switches and plug-in plates from exterior walls. You need to leave the property with your pets for 4 to 5 hours after regular ant control treatment, and 6 hours after carpenter ant treatment. But pregnant women, preschool children, or individuals with specific health conditions should stay away for a longer period (8 to 10 hours for regular ones and 12 hours for carpenter ants).

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Step 4: Managing Carpenter Ant Challenges and Annual Perimeter Treatments

Dealing with carpenter ants in Victoria is more complex because satellite colonies can return year after year. At Pest in the City Pest Control, we aim to prevent reinfestation with our thorough services and annual perimeter sprays. We carefully handle carpenter ant challenges to completely remove them from your place and block all ways of their returning. To maintain safety, Victoria residents, including animals, must leave the property for 6 hours after the treatment. And for people with specific health conditions, the departure period is extended to 12 hours.

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Ant Removal Experts


As a leading pest control company in Victoria, we understand how miserable the situation can be due to ant infestation. That’s why Pest in the City Pest Control offers safe and effective ant control services using proven methods like baiting and effective products like Permethrin spray or organic dust. Our professional ant removal experts take time to identify the species of ant troubling you and tailor a plan that precisely meets your needs. We also protect your property by using exterior sprays and creating a barrier backed by a six-month warranty. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in this field, we can handle everything, from regular ants to carpenter ants. Our professionals are well-equipped with advanced tools and techniques to deliver you the best and safest removal services in Victoria. We also specialize in handling wasps, spiders, sow bugs, raccoons, birds, silverfish, squirrels, mosquitoes, and many more to ensure a pest-free living environment for your home and business.

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